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About Us

"PATH" stands for Post Abortion Treatment and Healing.

If you have had an abortion and are reading this page for the first time, you may be experiencing a jumble of emotions . You may be wondering how something that seemed like an answer to problems could cause so much hurt and confusion. We want you to know that you are not alone, and your feelings do not mean you are “crazy”.

So, what is going on? Those of us who work in this arena have discovered that abortion is a real loss, even if at the time you did not think of your pregnancy as something to “lose” or grieve over. Yet, you do need space to grieve and people to grieve with who understand.

You may not allow yourself to feel sorrow or grief because of feelings of guilt or shame over the decision. Others say “Abortion is legal, so what’s the problem?” Your family or boyfriend/spouse may have even pressured you. They did not want you to continue the pregnancy, and now they may not want to hear about your pain. Even if they do want to help, they may not know how.

You might feel confused, lost, angry, abandoned, anxious, depressed. The abortion was supposed to solve a problem but now more have emerged! No one mentioned this part!

No wonder many women and men tell us they feel like they are going crazy!

PATH is a safe place to honestly address your feelings and explore, with others, how you came to make this decision and why it is so painful today. Layers of denial, anger and confusion are unraveled, giving way to acceptance and forgiveness.

Another important step in the healing process is to reconcile with God.

You might be extremely fearful that you can never be forgiven; that this is the one unforgivable sin. You might stop attending church, stop participating in many church-like activities, and stop praying. PATH strives to represent the loving forgiveness and presence of Christ, and to lead you back to him. And when you find your way back to God, yourself and to forgiveness of any others  who may have hurt you.

Facilitators for PATH are able to lead women and men through the grief process with the help of two approaches: a small group Bible Study and a weekend retreat called “Rachel’s Vineyard”.

Presently PATH has over 20 trained volunteer facilitators. Many of our facilitators have been through the abortion experience themselves, have completed the Bible study program and the retreat, and attended the PATH training. Many of our staff have a Master's in Counseling, Master's in Religious Education, Master's in Social Work, and/or are trained in Spiritual Direction. It is very common that those who have found healing and experienced the incredible mercy and compassion of Christ want to extend that hope to others.

If PATH looks like a ministry you would like to know more about please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love the privilege of leading you through this process.