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Comments on the Bible Study

  • My feelings are of extreme gratitude to the group. From the time of the interview I felt acceptance and compassion beyond my expectations. My facilitator truly has a gift from God in helping people through the most painful experience they could go through. Thanks be to God for this program!
  • The program was wonderful. The pace was perfect, the program was thorough. Even in areas I thought I did not need help on, by doing them, showed me places I need work on.
  • At first it felt strange to talk about these experiences in a group. But over time, I grew very close to the others in the group, and prayed for them, and love them very much. It took great courage for all of us to open up to each other. I especially admired the two men who were in our group. I still think of all the members and pray for them.
  • I needed an outlet to discuss what I had been through and what I was going through at the time. I needed to talk to people that had been through it and came out on the other side.
  • I received much support and genuine love. I made good and special friends that I hope to stay in touch with. I also loved being there for others. There was much good advice and great fellowship among believers.
  • My facilitator was personable and she was funny. I always like someone who could laugh at themselves and make others laugh when we are addressing such serious issues.