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Comments on the Retreat

  • It has changed my life, is really the healing process I’ve always needed. The love of God was present thru each team leader, it was really a safe place to be. The memorial although very intense and painful, gives you the opportunity to express all your inner feelings and the grieving I never had.

  • Every detail makes you feel accepted and considered as a special person. It is also very important to allow family members to join you at the memorial.

  • Thank you to all of the amazing unselfish leaders. Excellent, intense, accommodations were wonderful.

  • Very good, it was an honor to share in this journey with such a variety of women willing to talk a risk, be vulnerable and witness the fruits of their labor.

  • My overall impression of this retreat is heartfelt. It truly is a ministry that opens its heart toward women and men who have aborted our babies. The love of God’s tender mercies and grace is truly in this place. I will continue to stay connected with my new friends and share this ministry with others who need to receive God’s healings and blessings.

  • It was extraordinary. God blessed each of us with the love of those who had taken this journey before us and allowed each of them to walk with us to carry this burden so we no longer felt we had to carry it alone.

  • I feel very blessed and honored to be a part of Rachel’s Vineyard. I never imagined it would have as wonderful exercise, rituals, and ceremonies as it did. I feel a sense of completeness about my children and their spirituality and validity in belonging both to me and to God.

  • It is very well needed. I saw people transformed from this retreat. It is vital to keep such a positive program going. I look forward to sending more women to this life changing program.

  • Amazing, encouraging, supportive, emotional, life changing. A true sense of acceptance, dignity, sisterhood, brotherhood. I can’t say enough how this experience has opened my eyes and heart. I will love you always for allowing me the opportunity to see the goodness of the Lord in all who facilitated and attended the retreat.

  • A powerful weekend. What an incredibly kind, safe, comforting environment is provided for retreatants! The retreat itself & the PATH staff are examples of pure holiness. The loveliness of the Living scripture exercises & rituals not only provide immediate mediations, but training to carry into your own personal Bible study. The nurturing, peaceful setting of this location is excellent for the rigor of the work that happens during this retreat. I feel like the entire group present was a great gift and anointed by God.

  • Blessings, healings. I was surrounded by love, support and acceptance.