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FAQ - Bible Study

What can you expect when you call or email PATH?


When you call or email PATH, a trained PATH volunteer will answer the phone or receive your email. They will return your call or email within 24 hours. (If for any reason you do not hear back from a volunteer within 24 hours, call again. In fact, it’s good to both call and email…we do not mind at all!)

Those of us who have worked in the area of post abortion ministry have learned that abortion is a spiritual wound, and a spiritual process is required to heal this wound. Abortion also is a very real loss, and this loss needs to be grieved. Some find this surprising. You may be thinking…I’m upset and disappointed in myself, and I hurt!

But you may not realize that you need to grieve too. You have experienced a trauma and are understandably upset and perhaps are experiencing a range of feelings that you may not have connected to your abortion(s). One of these emotions is grief…which you have a right to process. But you may also feel, because you chose abortion, that you have no right to grieve. Wrong! You have a right to grieve and process this loss, so you can have a joyful, productive life.

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When you call, be sure to let us know whether your phone number is private, to protect your confidentiality. The PATH volunteer will usually just leave a message on a family phone saying “This is (Volunteer’s First Name) calling back.” They will leave their number for you. Our volunteers will not say “This is PATH” so no worries!


The next step, when we make contact, is the individual appointment. One of the PATH intake counselors will meet with you individually at our office (or sometimes, if you live very far away, at another more accessible location) for a private appointment. At this time we will talk with you about what you are seeking. We will explain to you what is involved in being a member of our small group bible study, so that you understand how we work and what you can expect.


At this time we also ask you some questions about your family history, your background, and your abortion experience. This helps us, and you, in several ways. The more we understand your story, the better we are equipped with placing you in a group with similar histories.


Many people find it extremely relieving to finally tell their story to someone who will listen, and who will understand. We also often use the first chapter in the workbook to help you focus on what you need help with. This chapter is entitled “How Do I Know Where I Need Healing?” and asks questions about your own individual story. Click here to download a copy of the questions.


At the time you meet with one of our facilitators, we will give you an INTAKE FORM to fill out and mail back, as well as a disclaimer form which you can download here:



Bilingual forms are available by clicking the link below.


Following your intake we get to work and either:
1) place you into a group, or 2) place you on a waiting list until our next session begins. If for any reason we are not able to place you within a month of your interview, we will work with you until the next session begins. Our goal is to begin the healing process as soon as possible.

 Can you tell me about the workbooks PATH uses?

About our workbooks:

PATH uses Save One for women, and Save One The Men's Study for men, by Sheila Harper.

These workbooks are divided into chapters which are very similar to the stages of grief.

Each chapter requires that you look up a number of scriptures which deal with the emotion referred to in the Chapter heading. Each chapter also asks you to answer journal questions, which pertain to the chapter title. For example, the chapter on anger asks you to look up a scripture passage which depicts Jesus when He was angry. You look that up and write down the passage. Then, the book asks you how your mother acted when she was angry, and how your father acted when he was angry. And finally, the book asks how YOU act when you are angry. So, each chapter in the book requires both scripture study and journaling. In this way the scripture comes to life and can be applied to your own experience.

Many of our bible study leaders and retreat team members have been in your shoes. They have participated in the PATH programs and are living proof that healing is possible!

How small groups are structured:

Each small group is led by two PATH facilitators. Our facilitators are not necessarily professional counselors, although many do have advanced degrees in counseling, psychology, or spiritual direction. Most of our facilitators have been in your shoes…they are women and men who have personally experienced abortion, and who have found healing through PATH’s bible studies and retreats. All of our facilitators volunteer their time. If you decide to join one of our groups or attend a retreat, you will quickly discover how dedicated and capable our volunteers are. Many have worked with PATH for almost a decade. Our volunteers “get it”. They will walk with you…not pulling from in front or pushing you from behind, but walking beside you on your journey.

Our small groups meet for about 12-14 weeks, once a week, for 1 and ½ to two hours each time. Our groups are small. We usually have 3 to 4participants in each group, and two facilitators. We sometimes include an “intern” in the group. This is an individual who has taken our training, and is learning to facilitate.

If you choose to participate in a bible study, you will have a couple of hours of homework each week.  This homework is essential to your healing! Although you might be seeking fellowship and support, which you will find in PATH, it is the scriptures…God speaking to YOU, which provide lasting healing!

Why can’t I just buy the book and do this on my own?

You can just buy the book and fill out the questions on your own, but we don’t recommend it. We have known of few women or men who have successfully dealt with their abortion experience in this way. Because abortion is a grief issue (see sidebar), we have found that it is helpful to grieve with others who understand. At what other time are we expected to grieve over a loss all alone? In the case of abortion, not only are we expected to grieve alone, but we are expected to return, fully functioning to school, work or family as if nothing happened. Many of our loved ones simply do not want to hear about our grief. We often feel isolated and wonder if our feelings are normal. So, the small group helps us to feel validated, understood, and accepted.

Another practical reason to join a small group is because sometimes the going gets rough when answering the questions, and the group can encourage you to keep on keepin’ on when you just don’t feel like it!

You also may feel “stuck” at times working on your own. Often a group member will help you get “unstuck” by sharing something that has been helpful to them.

We have observed very close friendships form as an unexpected bonus of working through the bible study together.

And finally, when you finish, you will have the wonderful gift of scripture, God’s word, written down in your own handwriting, to look back over at a later time when you need encouragement.