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FAQ - The Retreat

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 What can I expect on the retreat?

The retreat PATH offers is called Rachel’s Vineyard. It is a beautiful weekend experience which begins on a Friday afternoon and concludes on the following Sunday.

We use a technique called “Living Scriptures”. There are 11 of these rituals, or Living Scriptures, which are offered over the weekend. Here is brief explanation of what you can expect.

One of our retreat team members will begin by reading a selected scripture passage. This passage is followed by a meditation, where you are invited to sit back, close your eyes, and imagine yourself as a character in the passage, living in the time of Christ. When the meditation is over, you are invited to open your eyes and participate in an activity, which demonstrates the message and meaning of the scripture. In this way Christ comes alive for you. It is as if he is speaking and interacting with you.

What if I do not profess any particular faith tradition?

You do not have to be a member of any particular denomination, but we are a Christian organization, and believe that it is through Christ that you will find healing. We only ask that you are open to Christ. We do not pressure you to profess any specific Christian denomination.

The Atlanta retreat team offers Reconciliation and Mass to Catholic participants. However, again, all who are open to Christ are welcome and encouraged to attend.

How many people usually attend the retreat?

We serve between 5 and 20 people on our weekends. We never know who will be called to experience this weekend! We usually send a team of about 8 to 10 PATH leaders, who facilitate the retreat.

Where are the retreats held?

Our retreats are held at the Carmel Retreat Center, located at 415 Old Collins Road in Hoschton, Ga. 30548. It is a beautiful private, peaceful setting on rolling hills, about 45 minutes north of “spaghetti junction” (the intersection of I-85 and 285) going north from Atlanta on I-85. Each retreat guest is given a private room.

What does the retreat cost?

The retreat costs $225.00.   To reserve your spot, we ask that you send in $50. along with your retreat application that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

Can men attend the retreat?

Yes. We welcome men on our retreats, and find it to be an enriching experience for all of us. Our teams also have male facilitators.

Should I attend the retreat first, or join a bible study first?

We have found that either one can be done first…there is no “right” order for every individual. We recommend that you DO experience both the bible study and the retreat! God is waiting! Take courage…He is calling you!