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Healing the Father's Wound. Walking the PATH

ManMen are more successful than women at burying their feelings after an abortion. If a man fails to face the emotional aftermath of losing his child to abortion within the first couple of months, he will often suppress it for many years, making it more difficult to face.

There are three major phases of "normal" grief as:

  1. Psychological retreat
  2. Working through
  3. Resolving

Psychological Retreat: one experiences numbness, pain, anxiety, shock and disbelief. Any significant emotional responses to the loss may be absent, delayed or suppressed.

Working Through: one enters a period of emotional, social and physical disorganization in which sadness, confusion, despair, feelings of powerlessness, abandonment, loss of control, specific fears of additional loss, anger guilt, hallucinations, impeded concentration and memory are common. This stage refers to the bringing to light of painful emotions, resolving conscious and unconscious inhibitions to their expression and dealing with the psychological correlates of the loss response.

Resolving-the person begins reorganizing and restructuring their life and life goals. One must "make a new world" for oneself, with others, reorienting oneself in new roles.

PATH offers both small group Bible Studies and Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats to men as well as women.

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