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Motivating Factors

ManIn many ways men and women respond very differently to the loss of a child from abortion.

According to Bradley Mattes in "Men and Abortion: An Overview", Instinct drives men to achieve success in five key areas of their lives. Men are often defined by their ability to: [enjoy] pleasure, procreate, provide, protect and perform. Society often judges a man based on his ability to be successful at these five areas. When a man experiences abortion, these key elements of life are seriously damaged, or often totally obliterated.

  • Pleasure. Sexual pleasure and pleasure in life.
  • Procreate. Idea of having offspring of his own flesh and blood — carrying on the family name or bloodline.
  • Provide. He instinctively knows that this new family will look to him for many of the day-to-day necessities. It is important that he succeeds in providing for them.
  • Protect. Man is highly programmed to protect his family. The need for a man to protect his offspring should not be underestimated.
  • Perform. Performance encompasses man’s ability to perform in various aspects of life. Job performance — the income it generates, the social standing it provides and the attained admiration of his peers. Successful performance in the social arena secures friendships and helps a man achieve his desire for pleasure.

“Abortion cripples a man because it keeps him from making that passage to maturity at profound level.”