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Rhonda's Story

I am sitting in my favorite place in Stone Mountain Park, looking over the water and writing this letter. I have spent many afternoons here, writing and trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings. I am able now to see this beautiful, peaceful spot in a whole new way. That is also how I view my life- in a whole new way. As there is a calmness and peace in this spot, there is also in my heart. I am so grateful that God let me stumble upon this spot and even more grateful that he led me to the PATH organization.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and everyone else for helping me as I walked through this very dark valley. I had to trust the Lord completely and I am now healed and out of the valley. When I began to walk I really was consumed by a spirit of fear and thought that if I was truthful I would die. But quite the contrary has happened. For the first time in my life I feel alive! The forgiveness I have been able to now accept from God, my daughter, and myself has set me free.

And I would never have been able to get here without the help of PATH. God knew what I needed long before I did and I am so thankful to everyone who had answered His call to do this work.

The Bible Study and the retreat have been the hardest things I have ever done in my life. But they have also been the best and the most rewarding. I have gained healing from my abortion and so much more. Even though I read the testimonies of the other women, it did not prepare me for all the healing I have received. There is no way to explain to someone what gift they are about to receive when they start with the PATH program. I have not only received the gift of healing, but also the gift of motherhood. And although my daughter is not here, I know I will see her in heaven and I am most grateful for this. Where there use to be pain and darkness in my heart there is now joy, peace, love, hope, and gratitude for Christ.

Thank you all again for everything you are doing for God’s Kingdom.